Toddler + Primary Programs Begin June 2023!

Ages 18 Months to

to Kindergarten


We are excited to be part of the Shadowridge community! Add your email to our waiting list:

We will send you notifications about enrollment

Ages 18 Months to

to Kindergarten


We are excited to be part of the Shadowridge community! Add your email to our waiting list:

We will send you notifications about enrollment


The Shadowridge Montessori School team has successfully founded and is currently operating two other Montessori schools in the San Diego area. Lifetime Montessori School (LMS), in the Rancho Santa Fe community established in 2007, and La Jolla Montessori School (LJMS), in the La Jolla community established in 2019.

After 16 years of great success with these programs who serve over 320 children aged 18 months through elementary school, and after having been recognized as two of the top Montessori Schools in San Diego, we have decided to create a new Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) school called Shadowridge Montessori School. This facility will be located in North County in the Shadowridge community. We are very excited for the opportunity to provide the Shadowridge community with high-quality Montessori methodology, and we look forward to working with you and your children.


Lifetime Montessori school is a private Montessori preschool, Primary + Kindergarten and Elementary school in Santaluz for ages 18 months through Grade Six, offering carefully crafted programs which blend classroom and real-world experiences to build learners rather than memorizers. Using the Maria Montessori philosophy, children work at their own speed with highly experienced, specialized teachers who give them the freedom to succeed at their own level. Primary children aged three to six years old are offered an English/Spanish Bilingual Immersion program to fluently speak both English and their non-native language by the completion of Kindergarten. 


La Jolla Montessori school is a private English/Spanish Bilingual Immersion Montessori school for ages 18 months – Kindergarten. Our bilingual immersion program is integrated into the Montessori Methodology. So, children receive both an authentic Montessori English language education and an equally strong Spanish language program. This assists the child to fluently speak their non-native language by the completion of Kindergarten. It also increases their thought processes and problem-solving skills.


Just like Lifetime Montessori school and La Jolla Montessori school, Shadowridge Montessori school’s goal is to provide a stimulating and enriching experience based on Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) ideologies. Working hands-on with AMI Montessori materials and highly trained teachers, children become joyful and confident learners who know they can excel at anything they put their minds to. They will also support children by collaborating with community members to meet each of their unique needs while supporting the families by engaging, inspiring, and educating parents on a daily basis. Every family member is invited to participate in informative and stimulating events held at the school throughout the year. Each moment children experience at Shadowridge Montessori School will encourage and allow them to reach their full potential.

Shadowridge Montessori School aims to cultivate children to be independent free thinkers, joyful learners, confident individuals and active participants in their community. Their goal is to work with a diverse group of families that feel confident parenting with the Montessori methodology—allowing their children freedom of choice, exploration, and discovery. Together, the school and community will produce children who care for their environment, value their community, are inspired to follow their own path, and will excel in all areas of interest.

Shadowridge Montessori School’s mission is to foster a nurturing environment that is physically and psychologically supportive of learning for toddlers through kindergarteners. The school will offer a cooperative and enriching atmosphere where your child will develop their knowledge through self and teacher-initiated experiences.  When children graduate from Shadowridge Montessori School they will become confident, secure, independent and joyful learners.

Dr. Montessori founded the first Casa Dei Bambini, or “Children’s House” in 1907. Today we honor her legacy by following all Association Montessori International (AMI) standards and aim to make LJMS your “Children’s House”.

For any enrollment or general questions, contact us today!


Shadowridge Montessori School will open on June 1, 2023, the day after All Saints Preschool closes.

The tuition rates for Shadowridge Montessori School families currently enrolled at All Saints Preschool will remain the same through the end of Summer 2023. We are currently in the process of surveying schools in the surrounding communities to make sure our rates will be competitive for the new school year. In addition to the tuition fees, there’s a $200 Enrollment fee (waived for current All Saints Preschool) as well as a $200 materials fee.

No, our plans are to keep the school open with no interruptions to the operations of the school.

Yes, your child will receive automatic enrollment at Shadowridge Montessori School.

Yes, there will be some paperwork that will need to get completed due to the licensing requirements.

We value all of the amazing All Saints Preschool staff and intend to have them join our team to make this transition seamless for the students. Our highest priority is to provide the best care and education for all the students and to offer a supportive community for our families.

Yes, we will grandfather all current part-time schedules for all current families.

Yes, our school office hours will be 7:00 am – 6: 00 pm on Monday – Friday.

Yes, we will have availability for all current and new siblings. We are planning to hire Montessori Trained and Certified teachers along with keeping as many of the current teachers as possible.
Not at this time, however, we are planning to transition to a Spanish Immersion program within the next couple of years.
Yes, absolutely! The first day of our summer program will begin on June 1st, 2023.




TODDLER PROGRAM (ages 18 months – 3 years)

PRIMARY PROGRAM (ages 3 years - 6 years)

Half Day 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Full Day 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Half Day 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Full Day 7:00 am - 6:00 pm




All applications will consist of a non-refundable enrollment Fee of $200 (waived for existing families) and a materials fee of $200. The first month’s tuition and all required enrollment paperwork must be submitted prior to your child’s first day of school.

Please note: The application and enrollment fees ARE NOT deductible from future tuition payments.

Shadowridge Montessori School has a non-discriminatory policy relative to gender, race, color, and national origin with respect to the admission of students and the employment of faculty and administrative staff.


We are seeking amazing staff members to join our team and community. If you have what it takes and are a positive, professional and mature individual, reach out!